Token Information

The QQ token address is 0xc53e95c8e6aa271d70cdc6b5e190658f4478965c (Arbitrum).

QQ is the platform's utility and governance token.QIQ wouldn't exist without the QQ token. It acts as a mechanism of liquidity efficiency which helps us capitalise on our resources and offers the best trading experience - as well as returns for those participating in the ecosystem.

  • It supports the liquidity efficiency of the USDC vault, allowing the USDC to remain within the pool. This adds stability by reducing the USDC vault drawdowns and supporting its over-collateralization.
  • It can be burned when the USDC vault becomes sufficiently overcollateralized to offer a suitable buffer for the USDC vault stakers.
  • It is a backstop to traders winning on QIQ, as QQ can be minted to recollateralize the USDC vault.
  • It is going to be one of the main ways to govern protocol.

How to get QQ tokens?

On Arbitrum :

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