This pool is on Aribitrum mainnet. By staking LP tokens, you earn rewards.


  1. This pool can only be accessed on the Aribitrum mainnet.
  2. You will get QQ rewards and Camelot rewards for staking your LPs (while still earning the Camelot swap fees).
  3. The rewards come from the fees generated by the trading platform.
  4. The yield depends on the trading volume and doesn't mint additional tokens.

How do I get LP tokens?

Provide liquidity on the QQ/USDC pair on Camelot.

Use LP only tab under this link to add liquidity,not Position tab.

Once you have provided liquidity, you will automatically get LP tokens in your wallet.

Token address:

  • USDC:0xe6B2263C40471258125c182D2B77Ca01Cd8B7c59
  • QQ:0xc53e95c8e6aa271d70cdc6b5e190658f4478965c


How do I stake my LP tokens?

Go back to the pool's interface.

Click on "Approve" to let the contract interact with your LP tokens. Then click on "Stake LPs".

You will then earn QQ tokens passively.


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