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QIQ is a low-risk financial product in which the liquidity provider's principal is secured.

QIQ secures the principal of liquidity provider through the minting and burning of the platform token QQ.

When liquidity is impacted, QIQ will mint the platform token QQ and then use it to exchange for corresponding pool tokens in the market to replenish the pool liquidity and keep the principal of the liquidity provider.

When the liquidity pools are profitable, QIQ will exchange a portion of the profit for QQ in the market in order to construct and maintain a positive circle of QQ.

The liquidity provider's revenue will be as the service fee for each position closed or liquidated by the trader, which is not correlated to the trader's profit or loss, but only to the activity of the QIQ protocol.

The more people participate in the protocol, the higher the liquidity provider's revenue will be.

You can read more about this here: USDC Vault.


By staking LP tokens, you earn rewards.

You can read more about this here: QQ/USDC Pool.



When liquidity is severely impaired for a long time and the platform tokens are plunged into the market, or the platform token can not guarantee the liquidity provider against the loss of principal, the liquidity provider may not be able to claim the principal temporarily, but this is a very extreme case and the subsequent profit of the market could compensate for this situation.

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